A common water park slide
- Aug 29, 2018 -

The common water park slide mainly has the cupola maneuver, the wide body water slide, the flying blanket slide, the Big horn slide, the spiral slide, the vortex slide, the large-scale spiral slide, the Rainbow Race slide, the closed spiral slide, the U-shaped wave pendulum slide, the cylinder sled slide. The common water park plays the main splash water, water spray bud, water jet pencil, spray watercolor mushroom, frog slide, squirt, water gun, aqua cannon, Splash, water jet seesaw, water spray digital toys, spray frog, water spray crocodile, water spray hippocampus, elephant slide, Apple House, Spray watercolor column, parent turtle, Water hedgehog, Water spray whale, water spray kangaroo, water spray shell, self-priming water gun, rainbow Slide, fish and crab spray combination, water spray octopus, water spray dolphin, lotus water spray, water spray frog, spray sprinkling, water splash/floating, etc. aquatic equipment.