Are there some misunderstandings in the process of building a water park?
- Oct 25, 2018 -

There are various swimming pools in the water park, such as water slides, water pools, wave pools, drifting rivers, children's paddling pools, etc. There are many misunderstandings in the construction of the pool, and there are many reasons for these misunderstandings, including Poor knowledge of swimming pools, poor quality of pool water treatment equipment, controversial business strategies and lack of a strong industry.

Now let us talks about the misunderstandings.

         1. Swimming pool filtration equipment and piping system are equipped with circulating water pumps with high power.

The configuration of the pump must be determined by the volume of the swimming pool to determine the power. The bigger the pump, the better, but the most important, because the greater the power of the pump, the greater the efficiency, and the long-term use is higher for your operating costs. The size and length of the pool tubing, the size of the pool filtration equipment and other factors work together. If the piping system is too small, the resistance of the pipeline to the water flow increases as the water flows through the pipeline, and the water flow is limited. The result is: (1) Because the pipeline system can not basically meet the circulation capacity of the water pump, the electric energy is wasted and the operating cost is increased. (2) Because the suction is too large, the pump cannot inhale enough water to cause cavitation. The large number of bubbles that occur in this phenomenon can increase the noise and, even worse, greatly shorten the life of the pump.

       2. The price of building a swimming pool is as low as possible. Only low-grade equipment can reduce operating costs.

Obviously, the lower the price of the water park equipment, the better. It is a very serious mistake. As the saying goes, the phrase "a price and one price" fully illustrates this problem. When the price of the water park equipment is very different, there will be problems with the quality of the product. No one will give you protection, and whether the quality of the water park equipment has any impact on safety. This question deserves our deep thought.

As a water park investor, I always look forward to a cheap and good deal. However, as a member of this industry, no one wants to see the vicious competition of water park equipment manufacturers, and some companies shoddy and other issues. One thing to be sure is to explain to users what the different levels of products are in terms of actual consequences, safety performance, energy savings, repair rate and durability, and inform them of the benefits they will pay in the future.

We need water park equipment that is cheap and good, but at the same time the quality and safety of water park equipment is more important and more necessary.