Classification Of Water Park Pools
- Aug 29, 2018 -

The water park Wave Pond is mainly used for pool-making waves to create similar continuous periodic waves on the beach, so that the wave pool depth is usually 0-1.8 m, is floating up and down in the wave amusement equipment play. The playpool of the water park people Leisure has a very high interest and attractive, interesting swimming pool. The competition is divided into adult playpool pool, children's play pool, children's play pool. Children's wading pool: The depth of water is usually 0.3 meters of water for children's wading pools: 0.4 meters deep,

With various forms of water in the pond or on the shore of a sketch of the river, such as playing seesaw, water mushroom, squirt, water flamingo, and other animals, cartoons and so on. Adult Paddling Pool: depth 0.8m, and water slide, water gun, cannon and water mark at the pool or bank. When the water chute is inside the tank, a water chute lubrication device should be set up.