Safety Precautions For Water Slides
- Aug 29, 2018 -

1, the entry personnel should listen to the staff arrangements, in turn, to ensure safe and orderly play.

2, please do not litter in the slide, urine and other related effects on health behavior.

3, please do not push at any ladder, safe online and on top of the climb and other dangerous movements.

4, please do not play in the slide chase, so as not to hurt others.

5, please do not stranded in the pipeline, so as not to affect the passage of others.

6, when playing the slide with the correct sitting potential decline, the head is forbidden to decline.

7, in the play pulley do not crawl backwards, not scrambling. 8, please do not arbitrarily move, disassemble and loosen the facilities parts, the appearance of any items in the field will not be allowed to play outside the facility.